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The Listening Chair Announces Breaking Audiophile News

The Florida International Audio Expo and The Listening Chair with Howard Kneller announces breaking news! Check out the video for full details!

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @howardkneller #audio #hifi #audiophile #audioshow

Interview with Sean Casey of Zu Audio

The Occasional Podcast with host Brian Hunter interviews Bart Andeer about the Florida Audio Show that’s upcoming February 17-19 2023, plus all his experiences traveling across the globe with HiFi in mind. Sean talks music, creativity, new gear and old, entry-level to his never publicly released flagships.

Mike & Rick - Florida Audio Expo 2023

Mike and Rick sit down with Bart Andeer from Florida International Audio Expo and discuss the upcoming show in February 2023.

QOBUZ Live Show Preview

This is a great overview of the show and includes an interview with our own Bart Andeer. This podcast is packed with guest interviews and lots of great information on the show. Hosted by David Solomon.


Online A/V Magazine

A great overview of the show with Don Dunn, Bart Andeer and Gene from Audioholics.


What They Said About Us - Show Reviews

What Can You Expect?

See Highlights From Our Last Show. Take a quick tour of the rooms and see what all the excitement is about!

Amazing Vendor and Exhibitor Videos


Technology, Technique and Innovation


ADI-2 Series Version Comparison:


New Features and Functions with the Firmware Update for the ADI-2 DAC Series

Gershman Speakers

What makes Gershman speakers sound like the real thing? See the studio tour and find out.

RBH Sound

The Alpha Series Amplifier

Streams from Google Drive, please give it a moment to load.

RBH Sound

Introducing the Elite Product Line by RBH, a sonic breakthrough with a bold new style.

Streams from Google Drive, please give it a moment to load.

Listening Room Videos from 2020 Show

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