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Maintain your visibility and grow your market share with
one of the most popular shows in the industry.

The Stereo exhibitions offer an opportunity to showcase and sample your product, brand, and services. In one of our exhibitor suites (12x49x8) throughout the two exhibition floors. 

For more details please contact Bart Andeer.

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Reasons to Exhibit

What are People Saying About the Florida Audio Expo?

One of the Best Days Ever at a Show -Florida International Audio Expo 2023

Still packed at 10pm! That’s a great Show. MBL Presentation.

Hear why expectations before attending and after with an overview of the show.

Listen to the rich sound from one of the exhibitors at the show.

Sound Quality That's Incredible!

Ready to Become an Exhibitor?

Join us for 3 exciting days as an exhibitor during this unique event and take advantage of its numerous marketing opportunities!

Looking for an Exhibit Partner? We can help provide a match, contact us for more information.

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