Florida Audio Expo 2019 Media Coverage

Florida Audio Expo 2019 Show Report


The Florida Audio Expo provided access to incredible sounds, as well as loads of area attractions to enjoy! 

What a Great Show!


As the East Coast’s only audio show south of D.C., and the only US winter show that’s open to the general public, the Florida Audio Expo has every reason to grow and thrive.

The Florida Audio Expo


I wasn’t the only one surprised by this show: plenty of exhibitors were pleasantly surprised, and vowed to be back. It was a very pleasant experience—and I can’t say that about all shows.

A Stellar Show Debut For Florida Audio Expo


Suppose a group of exposition amateurs produced an audio show. What do you think would happen? The crew that created last week’s Florida Audio Expo had no show producing experience and did not know what to expect…They succeeded beyond what must have been their most optimistic projections. 

Florida Audio Expo, Year One


…walking the halls before the Flordia Audio Expo opens tomorrow, and feeling the excitement of vendors busily moving in tons of boxes and solving set up problems. It feels electric.

Florida Audio Expo 2019 – Tampa, USA


A write up of new and interesting products found at the inaugural Florida Audio Expo, 2019.

Florida Audio Expo 2019


Awards and reports from the 2019 Florida Audio Expo. 



The expo is catered towards purist audio enthusiasts as pretty much all of the exhibits involves two-channel audio reproduction systems…this first expo is a success as the crowd turn out was quite good.

2019 Florida Audio Expo Photo Coverage


Photos and coverage at the inaugural Florida Audio Expo, 2019.

The Best of Florida Audio Expo 2019


the Florida Audio Expo was not only not a flop, it was much better than any of us thought it might be. More attendees crowded the rooms than most exhibitors had expected, and it seemed to me that we all left Tampa already looking forward to FAE 2020.