To Exhibit Headphones

The ultimate headphone listnening experience

Unique Value With A Near Perfect Listening Space

We are dedicating up to 2 floors to headphone and marketplace exhibits. You will have your private and quiet living room to set up and display your equipment. This privacy offers several advantages over trying to demonstrate your products in a noisy environment of a typical large auditorium environment.

 It’s Perfectly Quiet. 

Critical Listening requires a quiet background. You can talk to your customers without them being distracted.

You can arrange the living room to suit your demo.  There are no large fixed pieces of furniture to work around.  You can move anything into the sleeping room area at your discretion.

It is secure. It is your room.

The kitchenette is a perfect area for a static display.

The VALUE  – your sleeping room is included in your exhibit registration fee.

The location we have selected is a special Embassy Suites that was originally constructed as a condominium. This means it is a real suite with bedroom, bath, kitchenette and a living area. The walls are thicker and provide better sound insulation than the typical hotel room.

+ 1 (863) 825-5380

555 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609